g.gallery first opened in Hannam-dong, a new art hub area, in 2013 under the name gexhibition gallery to introduce the potential of a variety of studio based rising artists and designers,
alongside the artistic value of established artists.

In the fast-changing world of art, art lovers do not think of art as a means of investment anymore and have begun to weigh the artist's development and value through their own perspective.
Furthermore, with the spread of the art and culture community, art collections are no longer a relic of a particular collector or class, and more young collectors are enjoying good work and building
their own collections through fresh eyes and taste. The boundary between art and culture and public has collapsed, and the public has come to think of art no longer as an inaccessible genre,
but an ordinary part of the day-to-day life that anyone can enjoy.

This atmosphere in the art community has prompted gexhibition gallery’s move to Cheongdam-dong in 2017. With the new name 'g.gallery' it has become a platform that introduces the works of
professional and collectible modern artists both domestically and abroad. Instead of maintaining the typical heavy or uncomfortable atmosphere commonly associated with galleries,
g.gallery aims to make steady efforts to narrow the distance between viewers and the art scene through various special exhibitions and cultural events.



B1. 748, Samseong-ro

Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea 06070


Director. Jinny Chung



Tel. + 82 2 790 4921

Fax. + 82 2 749 5172

E-mail. gallery@gexhibit.com


open hour

Mon to Sat - 10:00am ~ 6:00pm